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Terms & Conditions

General Conditions and Terms
Vehicle and driver services furnished by Private Driver" walter Occhini , a fully licensed and insured
N.C.C. (chauffeur service)
Chamber of Commerce of Livorno registration no . 157574
Society address: Via Modigliani,40 – 57121 Livorno – Italy
P. Iva 01781900491
Cod. Fisc. CCHWTR71D04E625P
All itineraries arranged and showed in this website are just examples based pour experience on requests

Rregarding services requested from Cruise ship or flights

For cruise ship passengers: if your ship does not dock due to bad weather you will not be charged (you
will refunded in full if you’ve paid in advance). In the event you will be docking at an alternative port
where the service can be carried out within reason, we will be in touch to get your approval for any
necessary modifications to the itinerary and any additional costs. If you get wind of a port change please
contact us at your earliest opportunity.
For those arriving by plane:
The rate includes a wait-time of one hour after your flight has landed. After this allowance a supplement
of 50 Euro per hour applies. If you are rerouted you must inform us of your new arrival time and it must
be on the same day, otherwise the no-show penalty of 100% will apply. If you have a excursion scheduled
immediately after an airport pickup and your arrival is seriously delayed we will carry out the excursion
as well as is reasonably possible in the time remaining. No discounts will apply if the service must be
shortened. If you arrive on a day different than scheduled, even if it is due to cancelled flights or missed
connections through no fault of yours, the cancellation penalty of 100% will still apply. For this reason
we strongly encourage clients to not book excursions on the day of arrival by air.
Inclement weather is not grounds to cancel a service at the last minute. If you choose to cancel a service
because of bad weather our cancellation policy will be applied.
You must notify us in writing of any changes you’d like to make to your booking. You will receive a
revised confirmation if we’re able to accommodate the change. If you don’t receive a revised
confirmation it is your responsibility to follow up with us. Note that in high season it may be problematic
to get certain pre-booked tickets, guides or appointments at wineries; we cannot be held responsible for
any lack of availability.
Regarding changes to the number of passengers with less than 48-hours’ lead time:
If you are reducing the number of passengers, you are obligated to pay for the number of passengers on
your confirmation. This applies to any pre-booked items such as tickets or wineries as well. For example,
if you are confirmed for 8 pax and only 6 show on the day of service you will be required to pay for 8.
If you are increasing the number of passengers, the applicable rate will apply. Not all vans hold 8
passengers so we should be apprised in advance of any increases in the number of pax as we may need to
reassign vehicles.
When you make a booking no deposit is required. YOUR CREDIT CARD IS TAKEN ONLY AS A
GUARANTEE. We will not take payment with it unless you specifically request us to do so.
Excursions start at the time indicated and last for the duration specified. Additional time will be billed at
60 Euro per hour per vehicle (for sedans and vans that hold up to 8 pax; different rates apply to larger
vehicles). If you are on a cruise ship and unable to disembark at the time indicated due to late arrival of
the ship, we will compensate for time lost, within reason. For transfers the rate is flat and the duration is
approximate; additional time would apply for any stops made at your request
Food, beverages, entrance fees and gratuities are not included in the rate.
PRIVATE DRIVER walter Occhini, is not liable for personal injury, loss or damage of luggage or
belongings, or death. The company is not responsible for any injury, loss, delay, or inconvenience caused
by force majeure (such as wars, floods, unusually severe weather, acts of god, etc.) or other events (such
as strikes, road closures or traffic jams) which are beyond our control or which are not preventable by
reasonable care by"Private Driver" walter Occhini .
We strongly recommend that you arrange trip insurance to cover cancellation due to unforeseen
circumstances or those beyond your control.
Private Driver" walter Occhini reserves the right to make changes to any itinerary according to our best
judgment and in the best interest of the client, and with respect to available time, the scheduled end time
of the tour, and/or our obligation to get clients to port, airport or other destination by a specified time.
Private Driver Walter Occhini reserves the right to make changes to any itinerary according to our best
judgment and in the best interest of the client, and with respect to available time, the scheduled end time
of the tour, and/or our obligation to get clients to port, airport or other destination by a specified time.
1. Cash IN EURO at the end of the service.
The cash , reflects no surcharge commissions
2. Credit/debit card 2 WEEKS in advance.
The full rate applies charging 20% surcharge bank commissions .
You can choose to pay by credit card by selecting this option at the time of booking or by writing to us at
least 2 weeks prior to the service (or first service, in the case of multiple bookings). We will process
payment using the credit card given as a guarantee unless you notify us otherwise.
3. Paypal 2 WEEKS in advance. The full rate applies add 20% paypal commissions . We'll send you an
invoice and payment would need to be received no later than 2 weeks prior to your service (or first
service, in the case of multiple bookings).
4. In US dollars. The amount due will be calculated by applying the EUR-USD rate of exchange on the
day of your service plus an 20% supplement to our cash rate.
The client or their agent is responsible for the accuracy of information provided when they make their
booking. The client or their agent is also responsible to check the booking confirmation received from
"Private Driver" Walter Occhini for accuracy and to inform us of any errors at least 14 days prior to the
service date. Particular attention should be given to the date and pickup time; if arriving by cruise ship,
the client or their agent should inform us in the event that the ship is scheduled to dock after the pick-up
time indicated in their booking confirmation.
For full-service excursions: An English speaking driver-guide is standard. We refer to them as driver-
guides because they can be sharing information with you as you travel or are stopped in the vehicle. They
will give you an orientation before you leave the vehicle for planned stops, then coordinate with you to
give you enough time to visit each area.
In Italy: PLEASE NOTE that driver-guides are by law NOT PERMITTED TO ENTER TOURIST SITES
with you NOR ACCOMPANY YOU once you exit the vehicle. Local licensed guides (who would
accompany you when you leave the vehicle and who are authorized to enter churches, museums and other
tourist sites with you) are available for additional cost.
For transfers: We do not guarantee fluent English speaking driver-guides for transfers. We guarantee a
properly licensed driver with basic English skills, sufficient to interact with you about the necessities and
get you to your destination as planned.
Complaints must be made in writing to Mr. Walter Occhini via email at [email protected] within 12
days of the date of service and prior to posting any negative comments on any forum such as TripAdvisor
or Cruise Critic.
Contracts with Private Driver" Walter Occhini are governed by Italian law and in case of a dispute that
we can not settle amicably, jurisdiction is conferred to the Italian courts.
Cancellation and Refund Policy
-100% fee applies to cancellations received less than 48 hours prior and for no-shows
-50% fee applies to cancellations received from 5 days to 48 hours prior
-No charge for cancellations made with at least 5 days notice
The cancellation penalty will be applied to on all items on your confirmation and charged to the credit
card you gave as a guarantee.
You will receive a notice of cancellation once your request has been processed. If you don’t receive the
notice it is your responsibility to follow up with us.
No discounts or refunds will be given if all items on an agenda are not accomplished, regardless of the
No discounts or refunds will be given should a client choose to cut a tour short or eliminate items from
the agenda.

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